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This is an extremely comprehensive listing of unions and their websites and/or e-mail addresses in alphebetical order. To find a specific listing, please click the appropriate letter listing or go to the "Union Search" page.

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    a search tool to sort fax products according to your needs. Updated once a week based on information from software developers and end-users.
  • Kentucky State AFL-CIO
    Kentucky State District Council of Carpenters
    Kern, Inyo & Mono Counties Central Labor Council (California)
    Labor Education and Training Research Network
    Labor Research Association
    Laborers Union Laborers.Org (LIUNA)
    Laborers Union Local 483 - Portland, Oregon
    LaborNet Strike Page (We list the Strike Page separately because this gives you a direct pathway to the latest news on strikes and lockouts.)

    Laborers International Union of North America (LIUNA)
    Labour Telematics Centre
    Liverpool City UNISON - Liverpool City Public Workers' Union
    Maine State AFL-CIO
    Marine Engineers Beneficial Association - Unofficial page maintained by Paul Norman
    Marketing for the Labour Movement
    a straightforward proposal by Allen Gottheil an active trade unionist since 1972 with a MScA in Marketing and 10 years of consulting experience who would like to help put the word WIN back into the Labour Movement's vocabulary.
    Maryland Coalition of Police and Deputy Sheriffs
    Massachusetts State AFL-CIO
    Media and Entertainment International - Federation of over 130 unions in the arts and cultural industries
    Metal Trades Department, AFL-CIO
    Metropolitan Alliance of Police
    The Metropolitan Police Federation
    Michigan State AFL-CIO
    Michigan State Utility Workers Council
    Minnesota Peace and Police Officers Association
    Minnesota State AFL-CIO
    Missouri State AFL-CIO
    Montana State AFL-CIO
    Mooney, Green, Baker, Gibson and Saindon's Labor Union Page
    listing of labor unions and supporting organizations.
    Motion Picture Screen Cartoonists Local 839 IATSE Web Page
    MSF Homepage - England
    (Includes MSF research papers online, as well as information about the union.)
    National Academy of Arbitrators
    National Air Traffic Controller's Association
    (Information related to air traffic control and their work to reform the FAA.)
    National Alliance for Fair Employment
    National Association of Broadcast Employees and Technicians
    (Links to NABET newsletters and other info. Features a page promoting NABET's boycott against NBC.)
    National Association of Letter Carriers Lafayette IN, Branch 466
    National Association of Letter Carriers
    National Council of Field Labor Locals Site for the labor council Representing the field employees of the U.S. Dept. of Labor
    National Education Association (NEA)
    National Interfaith Committee for Worker Justic
    National Labor Committee
    National Postal Mail Handlers Union - NPMHU
    National Right to Work Foundation
    National Writers Union (NWU)
    The Nevada Labor Pages
    New Hampshire State AFL-CIO

    New Jersey State AFL-CIO
    New York State AFL-CIO
    New York State Nurses Association
    New York State United Teachers
    The Newspaper Guild International Union
    Newspaper Guild of Greater Philadelphia, Local 10
    North Carolina State AFL-CIO
    Northeastern Illinois Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO Central Labor Council
    NOVA Union of Teachers